Fine Arts and Communications

College of Fine Arts and Communications

The College of Fine Arts and Communications provides students with a strong liberal arts foundation, fully anchored in the gospel of Jesus Christ. With six distinct academic areas, the college offers a broad range of exceptional education opportunities within the arts and communications. Each of the programs within the college seeks to produce graduates whose work contributes to society by benefiting the organizations for which they work and the audiences they reach. By encouraging exceptional performance, presentation, and communication, as well as discernment of artistic values, graduates emerge as scholars and professionals within their disciplines.

Contact Information
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Advisement Center
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College Advisement Center

The College of Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center recognizes the opportunity and responsibility to be actively involved in our students' educational journey. The advisement center is committed to not only establish an important, service-oriented connection with each student in a caring, friendly environment, but to also provide accurate and timely information to better prepare them for greater academic success.

Professional academic advisors are available to provide information regarding university policies and procedures, dates and deadlines, registration, faculty advisor referrals, major/minor application preparation, major/minor planning and progression, graduation qualification, as well as many other academic concerns.

Interdisciplinary Degrees

Animation is an interdisciplinary degree offered by the College of Fine Arts and Communications through the cooperative involvement of the Department of Theatre and Media Arts, the Department of Design, and the Department of Computer Science.

Music Dance Theatre is an interdisciplinary degree offered by the College of Fine Arts and Communications through the cooperative involvement of the School of Music, the Department of Theatre and Media Arts, and the Department of Dance.

Enrollment in a Major Program

Enrollment in most degree programs in the College of Fine Arts and Communications is limited by the availability of resources such as facilities, equipment, and faculty. Students are asked to carefully study the requirements of the major program they desire to enter to determine if the program really fits his or her personal goals and educational objectives.

The application process for each major has been structured to be as fair and impartial as possible. Enrollment limitations require those evaluating applications to make difficult decisions. Those who are not admitted into his or her desired program are encouraged to move quickly and decisively toward an alternative major program.

Applications for degree programs in the college are available online through each department's website. Prior to applying, students must complete all of the prerequisite courses and/or specific requirements stipulated in the application process. For further information, please contact the appropriate department or school directly. For contact information go to

Scholarships and Awards

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Performance awards are offered by each of the academic units within the college. Applications and information about auditions for performance awards can be obtained by contacting the appropriate department or school.

Applications for academic scholarships can be obtained online here or at the Scholarship Office. For information about graduate scholarships, fellowships, and grants-in-aid, see the Graduate Studies website.